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Arctic Refuge Fairbanks Scoping Hearing

We will see you as early as 3, or as soon as you can get to the Carlson Center to sign-in then we will meet at the Curling Club! We can help with testimony prep and gather for action!  There will be t-shirts for sale at half off - ten dollars a t-shirt - or wear your Arctic Refuge shwag!! 

Arctic Refuge Hearing

The Bureau of Land Management is hosting one of only 6 hearings nationwide in Fairbanks to take comments on potential oils and gas lease sales in the Arctic Refuge. This is a vitally important point of intervening against future development in the sacred lands of the Gwich'in while working for solutions beyond fossil fuels for Alaska. The Fairbanks hearing has many steps but the goal is to get our voices heard at the public testimony section. Sign-up will begin at 3p on the 29th at the Carlson Center and is on a first come first serve basis. For those of you that can get there early to sign-up please meet us there at 3p, or just before. If not, please sign-in at the Carlson Center as soon as you can.  

29 May

Full BLM meeting agenda at Carlson Center

3p - testimony sign-in opens 

430p - BLM presentation on the proposed project 

5p - *interest* group testimony 

630p - public testimony begins 

See you out there!