Defend the Sacred Alaska

This is an Alaskan movement to boldly uplift our sacred connection to each other, the earth, and all living beings

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We are Alaskans making space to uplift bold, courageous voices and actions for Justice. Our path of decolonization is guided by Indigenous voices and place-based knowledge. It is our responsibility to Unlearn, Dismantle, and Heal. We take leadership in recognizing our interconnected relationship to each other, the lands, waters, and all living beings. We step forward in action to defend this sacred connection. We are Alaskans: young people, elders, artists, educators, students, relatives, Alaska Natives, "transplants", long-time residents, newly arrived, and more. We are Alaskans who value people power in building a just and equitable transition forward.



We see a future Alaska that offers a place and a role to ALL people. We envision an Alaska that is guided by Indigenous knowledge and place-based knowledge in a post-oil economy.


“We are not environmentalists -- we are human beings and we are demanding human rights over corporate rights.”



We recognize Alaska as the unceded territory of 299 Alaska Native tribes. We recognize the unjust history of colonization*. We recognize the impacts of colonization continues today and has resulted in the marginalization and oppression of Alaska Native and Indigenous peoples, people of color, LGBTQ people, women, and poor people.

We recognize “Defend the Sacred” is a movement throughout north america and was particularly elevated during the Standing Rock tribe’s “NoDAPL” encampment. We acknowledge the shared struggles of Indigenous Peoples throughout the world for human rights and the rights of Mother Earth. We stand with communities across the globe in our shared vision for a just post-oil economy, for Indigenous restitution and recognition, and for whole communities building a just future for all.

*Colonization is the process of devaluing and dehumanizing native peoples, through formal & informal methods -- in order to justify exploiting Indigenous peoples and their homelands



  • Unlearn, Dismantle, Heal, and Create: Decolonize.

  • Organize from the “bottom up”.

  • Uplift a matriarchal, decentralized, and marginalized leadership.

  • Grow an inclusive movement for all.

  • Create space for people to speak for themselves.

  • Work together in unity, solidarity, and accountability to each other.

  • Strive to build just relationships in our organizing.

  • Uplifting marginalized & oppressed voices that align with Defend the Sacred Alaska values.

  • Commit to a just and equitable transition away from an extractive, oppressive economy toward a regenerative, holistic, living worldview. 

  • Acknowledge that we exist in a tangible system of racial injustice and that it is our responsibility to dismantle it.

  • Be soulful.


You are the movement

Act Now!